New free storage quota on Google Photos

11 | 21

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New free storage quota on Google Photos

Yet another reason to snap, snap, snap! Google has amended its policy for photos and videos storage. From June 1st, 2021, any new photos and videos uploaded count toward its free 15 GB of storage, included with every Google Account or additional to storage purchased as a Google One member. This makes your images all the more accessible, as storage is shared across Google Drive, Gmail and Photos.

You can choose to upload in either High quality or Express. It’s handy to verify your backup quality in the Photos app by simply going to Back up & sync in Settings. A personalised estimate allows you to check how much space you have on your Google Account in settings within Google Photos or by visiting Existing High-quality photos and videos uploaded prior to June 1, 2021, are quota exempt.

What’s more is the free storage management tool to easily manage your quota. This can help you to keep on using Google Photos free of charge. It identifies photos you may prefer to delete, such as blurred shots, screenshots or large videos that take up a lot of space.

Happy snapping!


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